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DesignHER for a bettHER Human Experience.

Hi, I am Bridgette.

A believer in no limitations-ONLY possibility & opportunity to create something great and better together. As a patented inventor who is also a woman of color I want nothing more than to pay it forward and be of service to my people-my girls that have ideas that are going to make the world a prettier place than how they found it- one new innovative beauty tool at a time : )

Inside my mind & heart 

Life is one big unfinished prototype.-B

I was once asked...


"What kind of scientists would you say you are?"


I used to say a design scientist- because I turn thoughts & feelings into things, but now I would say I am An emotional one. what makes me able to design for a better human experience is being emotionally tuned into what makes me feel good-and notice when there is lack, lack for me is opportunity.

Do you know what excites you? What is something you can talk all night about And be totally fine if the other person said only a few words the entire evening?


What I follow is my good emotion and it’s always to life sciences. I analyze, hypothesize, theorize life with its instances and an open mind willing to update incorrect or out of date beliefs & data based on new facts. A scientist almost like a censor inside the mind that sends off serotonin when a new anything really is heard-it’s as if the neurons are being sparked and connecting to others in creating new views, beliefs, methods, equations, formulas, vaccines-so when this happens we get excited because now our hamsters going right now we have momentum-so in that time we might almost drown you with questions because we’re trying to process everything as fast as possible. the reason for our speed on this is to get all of the information to see where exactly we need to start from in learning more about it, because- if you’re telling me about something that sparks my interest, I’ve already lost enough time. Keeping an open mind is like having your brain set up on automatic software updates.


Life is one big unfinished prototype. Whichever type of expert or scientist you are-you are collecting data, which is turned into valuable knowledge for a better understanding & enjoyment of tomorrow. through life’s basic principles-the foundation-you are able to play with everything above surface. Whatever you want-just set that foundation for that new idea. Start at the root and bloom up.



all things girly - studio and pool - 6.3.21 - paul tumpson photographer videographer las v

A Beauty Problem Solver.

Just like when driving on a highway and you want to change lanes, you are going to focus on the gaps and not where there is already a vehicle . I do that with beauty.


To the naked unlined eye the beauty industry may look as congested and saturated as the 405 during rush hour traffic but to me...

I see the gaps in the business of beauty

Whether your business needs

a little "OOMPH"

or A LOT I want to create something great with you. My world and expertise revolve around one word and topic-Beauty.

all things girly - studio and pool - 6.3.21 - paul tumpson photographer videographer las v

What B Does at All Things Girly

Beauty Tool Design

3D Print Prototyping

Beauty App Building

Digital Marketing & Media

how will
All Things Girly Help my brand?

With a small amount of research into your business I will see where there is room for a *drumroll please* MAKE-OVER!


By designing a new and most importantly needed product for your company it will bring a new level of buzz to your biz.

My Mantra's

"There is nothing new under the sun-so we must have fun with what is done." -B

"Better Together"

"The magic is in the detailed design at a time.."

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